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Snow Removal
We currently handle the three Wal-Marts and Scheel’s Sporting Goods as well as four other small businesses in Springfield and still have plenty of equipment to take on more – even with 17” blizzards!

Our family of companies is diverse enough that we do not over service your lots. We are not reliant on winter snow and ice income. If you are sick of being charged for snow plowing of ¾” of snow when it could have been salted and done or would have melted off by 10 a.m., give us a call.

  • Competitive Rates on large lots
  • Seasonal or per push rates
  • Call of salt only prices
  • 24 hour service
  • You determine the thresholds and tolerances
  • Variety of ice control products that are concrete and landscape friendly
  • Fully insured - once we service; it is our responsibility!
  • Protect yourself from 'slip and fall' claims!
  • Snow Hauling and Loading
    JRE Construction Services , Phone: 1-217-691-8555

    JRE Construction Services proudly serves Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas of Chatham, Piper Glen, Sherman, Riverton, Rochester, Deerwood Lake, Lake Pointe, Auburn and Athens.

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