Construction Services Springfield IL
(217) 691-8555 - JRE Construction
(217) 361-5027 - Illinois Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
General Construction
  • Crawlspace to Basement Conversions
  • Commercial, Residential and Historic    Structural Repairs
  • Pond, Culvert and Grade Work
  • Demolition and Hauling
  • Light Commercial and Residential    Remodeling
  • grading for level ground

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    excavating dirt and rocks First the crawlspace is dug out and Temporary beams are installed.
    construction services in springfield IL Next the new basement wall is built so the basement can be completed.
    JRE Construction Services , Phone: 1-217-691-8555

    JRE Construction Services proudly serves Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas of Chatham, Piper Glen, Sherman, Riverton, Rochester, Deerwood Lake, Lake Pointe, Auburn and Athens.

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